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A panel from the comic “Pulse” by Lightfoot.

 Super hero action, drama and more pack the pages of Lightfoot’s female superhero web comic, Pulse. The Ohio artist, Lightfoot, creates some great indie characters with a unique style of work. The story begins in origin to how the two main characters develop and hone their powers to fuel a flying super suit. Dramatic situations and good conversation mix within the panels to make a great read.
Lightfoot states the earlier version of the comic was drawn with Sharpie markers but later became rendered with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and a Wacom Bamboo tablet to continue the thick lined, almost woodcut linear approach to the contrast of the art. The earlier episodes were black and white with gray tones added and are just as exciting as the later color pages. The artist uses an early version of Photoshop for adding color now which reinforces the strong illustrations. The text is easy to read-a big plus to any web comic-which lets the story flow at a nice pace.
Light has no immediate plans for additional titles but I find Pulse a great read to get hooked on. I marvel at the growing list of various software use to create the fantastic web comics I’m viewing. I would suggest to any new budding artists to know there are numerous way to create great work so find the software that works best for you.



  1. Thanks for reviewing my comic, and for the good review. I really wanted Pulse to be distinctive and be a little of everything.

    There are a lot of uncommon drawing programs. AzDrawing and FireAlpaca are free, Sketchbook Pro is pretty cheap, ArtRage Pro Studio is a little more pricey. Manga Studio 5 is coming out soon. Photoshop and Sai Paint Tool aren’t the only options.

    About plans for additional comics, I’ve had a habit of comic-starter-itis in the past, so I’m trying to force myself to stick to one comic and complete it. Instead of Pulse, I almost made a space adventure comic called “Vast Cosmos”. When Pulse is complete, I assume that might be my next series.

    • I think a lot of people will be excited about the possibility of an offshoot story from you. I agree, there are a lot of various programs out there for creating and it’s nice to know that if the feel of the interface from one program doesn’t fit your style, there are plenty to look around at and experiment with, until you do find something to your liking.

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